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New publication on Toolkitting

td-net, ITD-Alliance


The td-net actively participates in the ITD Alliance's Toolkits & Methods working group. Read our latest article to learn how we are addressing the fragmentation of resources for ITD research. Our article provides an overview of the ITD toolkit landscape and concludes with questions for toolkit creators, curators, funders, and scholars to shape the future of toolkitting as a distinct expertise.


Tour d'Horizon of Literature 2023 is now online!


As every year, thanks to contributions from the community, td-net has compiled a list of key literature from 2023 in the field of inter- and transdisciplinary research, education and practice. 53 publications, are classified into 5  categories with short annotations from the contributors. Feedback on the use and usefulness of this product is very much appreciated - simply email to Many thanks to our contributors for making this years Tour d’Horizon possible!


Future activities of the Swiss Academies under pressure: Appell to the td Community


The Dispatch on Swiss Education, Research and Innovation (ERI) 2025-2028, which governs the financing over the next years of the organizations active in this field, is currently being discussed in Parliament. It is to be welcomed that transdisciplinarity is prominently anchored in the overarching themes, as a research approach, and in the required competencies.


Over the past 20 years, the Academies have built up experience and expertise in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary cooperation and support Swiss science and innovation activities with their competence center td-net. Despite limited resources and a strong commitment to the militia system, we need to ask what future we are heading for. The challenges facing society continue to grow, while the necessary services are being cut back financially.


We will have to join forces to emphasize the added value and benefits of our work for society as a whole. Once again, we are counting on our dedicated community in Switzerland and around the world!


Website on sustainability transformations now online

td-net and scnat


The Swiss Academy of Sciences, where the td-net is an important member,  is working since two years now on a project around the topic of sustainability transformations. The first goal of the project has been reached by publishing an informing and detailed website in three languages.

In spring the second outcome of the project will be published, a short number of guidelines for researchers on reflections of their role in sustainability transformations. This publication will as well include useful tools for exactly this purpose. 

12.10.23 |  td-net and I2insights

Co-producing knowledge: Phases, issues and the td-net toolbox


What are the steps involved in co-producing knowledge in transdisciplinary research? What tools are available to help knowledge co-production and for what purpose should they be used? These questions are addressed in the exciting blog entry by Theres Paulsen and Sibylle Studer. Further discussed is how knowledge co-production can be organized along an ideal type of a transdisciplinary research process based on the experiences with the td-net toolbox.

03.08.23  |  td-net

A Look Back into the Archives


Today we remember Johannes Fehr (1957-2014) of the Collegium Helveticum (ETH Zurich and UHZ), an early partner of td-net, who brought the interdisciplinary legacy of Ludwik Fleck (1886-1961) to the TD community. He presented Fleck's work on thought collectives and styles during the ITD-CH 2009. Ludwik Fleck was a pioneering bacteriologist and interdisciplinary thinker in the philosophy of science. We ask you to rediscover him, his work and the historical importance of Ukraine as a centre of interdisciplinary pioneers (Lviv in western Ukraine as an example). Let's learn from the past, especially in these times of multiple crises, to build a better future through inter- and transdisciplinary approaches.


Resources from the td-net archives in context of Johannes Fehr, Ludwik Fleck and their influence:


               - Egloff, Rainer & Johannes Fehr: Das wilde Denken und das Kochen - Überlegungen zu inter- und transdisziplinären Pragmatik.


               - Fehr, Johannes: Das Collegium Helveticum: ein Laboratorium für Transdisziplinarität



06.06.23  |  td-net

Tour d'Horizon of Literature 2022 is now online


Each year we invite experts of (inter-) and transdisciplinarity to inform us about the most important publications in the field of inter- and transdisciplinary research, teaching and practice. Thanks to these contributions from the community, td-net has compiled a list of key literature from 2022 in the field of inter- and transdisciplinary research, education and practice. 48 publications, are classified into 5 categories with short annotations from the contributors. Many thanks to our contributors for making this years Tour d'Horizon possible!

td-net pays homage to Julie Thompson Klein

We mourn the loss of a pioneer, supporter and friend who passed away on 15 January 2023. We miss her!

© picture source: td-net

The td-net and its community mourn the loss of a supporter, friend and pioneer of Transdisciplinary Research. Julie Thompson Klein, whose work in interdisciplinary theory and practice is well known and influential, passed away on the 15 January. Our deepest condolences go out to her immediate family and friends. She was also an important personality for the Swiss science landscape, as she was involved in the organization of the first transdisciplinarity conference in Zurich (2000) as part of the SPP Environment program. In this way, she also paved the way for the founding of the td-net, which was initiated by the Swiss Academic Society for Environmental Research and Ecology (SAGUF).

This selection of 3 texts, show our close collaboration:
  • Klein, J. T., Grossenbacher-Mansuy, W., Häberli, R., Bill, A., Scholz, R. W., & Welti, M. (2001). Transdisciplinarity: Joint Problem Solving among Science, Technology, and Society. An Effective Way for Managing Complexity. Basel: Birkhäuser Verlag. (link)
  • Klein, J.T. (2008). Education. In: Hirsch Hadorn, Gertrude, et al. Handbook of Transdisciplinary Research. Springer, Dordrecht. (link)
  • Klein, J.T. (2021). Alliances for Interdisciplinarity and Transdisciplinarity: A Call for Response, Issues In Interdisciplinary Studies, Vol. 39 (1–2), Spring/Fall 2021, pp. 7–35 (link)
  • Frodeman, R., Mitcham, C., & Klein, J. T. (2010). The Oxford Handbook of Interdisciplinarity. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

08.12.22  |  td-net

ITD-24 Save the date: 4-8 November 2024

After Lüneburg (2017)Gothenbourg (2019) and virtual Zurich (2021) we look forward to welcoming you in Utrecht on November 4-8, 2024 for the next International Transdisciplinarity Conference (ITD)! Thematically, we are focusing this time on inter- and transdisciplinary education, educational research, and teacher professionalisation. In addition, the congress is meant to bring the global ITD community together. We hope to be able to meet on site as we used to do in the past – be surprised by a beautiful venue. More information will be provided on our website.

05.12.22   |   Methods

New compilation of resources to apply td methods and tools thoughtfully

Methods matter - But what else is needed for effective td research? Check the new section "Applying td methods and tools thoughtfully" of the td-net web portal. It compiles links that support researchers in developing a professional attitude when leading a co-production process.

07.11.22  |  Team

New arrival in the td-net team

We warmly welcome Noé Balsinger to the team! Noé is doing his master in Geography and History at the University of Bern, and will support the team as our new assistant. Furthermore Noé will also assist the team of the KFPE from January 2023 on, a warm welcome on our teams!

Noé is taking over the assistant tasks form Nives Ramisberger, who finished her master degree and is moving on - good luck!

03.10.22   |   Veranstaltung

Tagungsbericht ITD-CH 22

Zum Thema «Zukunftsbilder entwickeln und reflektieren – Wie kann TD-Forschung helfen, gesellschaftliche Vorstellungsäume zu erweitern?» trafen sich die Interessierten aus der Schweiz am schönen Campus der Fachhochschule OST in Rapperswil. In intensivem Austausch wurden Förderstrategien des Schweizer Nationalfonds und die von der UNESCO geforderte Futures Literacy vorgestellt sowie konkrete Methoden ausprobiert und ihre Potentiale diskutiert.

03.10.22   |   Methoden

Erfahrungsbericht zur Emancipatory Boundary Critique (EBC)

Lesen Sie hier, welche Erfahrungen die «Arbeitsgruppe Bevölkerung (AGBe)» und Wissenschaftsvertretenden im Transens – TRUST Projekt zur Entsorgung Hochradioaktiver Abfälle mit der EBC Methoden machten. td-net bedankt sich herzlich bei den Teilnehmenden für Ihre wertvollen Reflexionen und Rückmeldungen zur Methodenanwendung!

05.09.22   |  U Change

Förderprogramm U Change

3.8 Millionen Franken für Nachhaltigkeitsprojekte von Studierenden in der Schweiz - Bis am 31. Oktober können Studierende aus der ganzen Schweiz finanzielle Unterstützung für ihre Nachhaltigkeitsprojekte beantragen. 

05.09.22  |  Methods

DOI for td methods out now!

We’ve just published our last td-net toolbox profiles: The constellation analysis, the three types of knowledge tool and further 18 td methods can now be referenced with a proper DOI. We invite you to cite them widely and to contribute thereby to a growing track-record of td methods. Many thanks! 

23.08.22   |   Team

New arrival in the td-net team

We warmly welcome Samuel Rhomberg to the team. He is studying social anthropology, social and educational sciences at the University of Bern and has a great interest in transdisciplinarity. Welcome to the team!

Samuel takes over the assistant duties from Elena Paganoni, who has successfully completed her studies and is now moving on - many thanks and good luck!

08.08.22   |   U Change

5. Projektausschreibung U Change

Bis am 31. Oktober 2022 können wieder Studierendenprojekte und Plattformprojekte eingereicht werden. Lassen Sie sich hierzu vom neuen Video von U Change inspirieren und motivieren! 

08.08.22   |   Methods

Methods matter! New Video available in the toolbox

Check out the short video that provides insights into the application of the method 'Emancipatory boundary critique' in a case study on the communication of earthquake information.

08.08.22   |   ITD-CH22

ITD-CH noch wenige Plätze frei

Neues zu den Workshops finden Sie auf der aktuellen Website!

08.08.22   |   Publikation

Wissenskommunikation unter Bedingungen von Mehrsprachigkeit - mit td-net Beitrag 

Das neue Band der Transferwissenschaften behandelt die Kommunikation über kulturelle Grenzen hinaus. Lesen Sie die Beiträge «Transdisziplinäre Ko-Produktion von Wissen – das Potential einer Perspektive Pluri» und «Transdisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit impliziert Mehrsprachigkeit» in diesem Band

06.07.22   |   ITD21

A look back: ITD21 - contributions online

Over 100 pre-crafted contributions were handed in for last year's ITD Conference. The overarching theme of the conference „Creating Spaces and Cultivating Mindsets for Learning and Experimentation“ was explored in any possible way imaginable. Many of the authors of pre-crafted contributions allowed us to make their contents publicly available on our website.

06.07.22   |   ITD-CH22

Für die Schweizer Community - Anmeldung noch möglich!

Entdecken Sie wer an der diesjährigen ITD-CH mitwirkt und treten Sie aktiv in Interaktion mit einem Poster zu Ihren Arbeiten - Die Vorlage zu dieser Session finden Sie ebenfalls auf der stetig aktualisierten Website.

06.07.22   |   U Change

Neue Projekte bei U Change

Das Programm U Change freut sich über 8 weitere Projekte, welche eine Förderung erhalten. Die Themenvielfalt reicht von einem Projekt gegen Foodwaste über theatrale und künstlerische Zugänge zur Nachhaltigkeit bis hin zu einer neuen Förderplattform an einer Pädagogischen Hochschule und Projektausschreibungen durch eine Universität. Nähere Informationen zu den geförderten Projekten finden sich auf der Webseite von U Change.

28.06.22   |   Methods

New factsheet in the td-net toolbox - an invitation to visit the STEPS method vignettes!

The Evaluation H - described on the STEPS Centre website - supports giving equal importance to each participant to communicate his/her perspective regarding a specific question and to elaborate on positive and negative factors.

24.05.22   |   Event

Erfolgreicher SUD22

Der 8. Sustainable University Day in Mendrisio (TI) zu Frage, was Hochschulen zur gesellschaftlichen Transformation und zur Nachhaltigkeit beitragen war mit über 200 Teilnehmenden ein grosser Erfolg. Er schloss mit dem Aufruf nach einer gemeinsamen Kultur der Nachhaltigkeit. Hierzu gehören Begegnungen auf Augenhöhe, Wertschätzung und der Vernetzung über Grenzen hinweg, wobei Bescheidenheit, Entschiedenheit und auch eine Portion Naivität nicht fehlen dürfen!

23.05.22   |   Publication Radar

Publication Radar 2021

Transdisciplinary publications continuously on the rise - td-net's publication radar shows that the upward trend is ongoing! Topics related to the environment are most prominent, and also technology, education, psychology, engineering and economics show up in the top 20 research areas covered by TD publications in 2021.

04.05.22   |   Jahresbericht

td-net's Rückblick auf 2021

Der Jahresbericht 2021 ist online. Sehen Sie sich an, welche wesentlichen Tätigkeiten und Meilensteine das td-net in dem vergangenen Jahr erreicht hat.

21.04.22   |   Tour d'Horizon of Literature

Tour d'Horizon of Literature 2021 - Deadline extended

The Deadline for participation to the Tour d'Horizon of Literature 2021 is extended until Monday 2nd May 2022. Experts in inter- and transdisciplinary research are invited to share with us the most important publications of 2021 in the fields of inter- and transdisciplinary research, education and practice. These recommendations will be compiled and published online on our website as "Tour d'Horizon 2021". Your participation would be highly appreciated.

Many thanks to all who have already participated!


New deadline: 2 May 2022

21.03.22   |   Tour d'Horizon of Literature

Tour d'Horizon of Literature 2021 - Your recommondation counts!

It's time for a literary review of the last year - time for the Tour d'Horizon of Literature 2021!

We are happy to invite you to participate in our next Tour d’Horizon of Literature by sharing with us up to three publications of 2021 that you find particularly interesting, innovative and/or enlightening regarding inter- and transdisciplinarity. Your contribution would help us to keep track of the growing literature in the field of inter- and transdisciplinary research, teaching and practice (see td-net publication radar) and to prepare a useful list of publications recommended "by the community for the community“.


Deadline: 22 April 2022

17.03.22   |   U Change

Sustainable University Day 2022: Il programma giornaliero è pronto!

In poco più di un mese dal Sustainable University Day 2022, ci sono ancora molti dettagli da organizzare per per garantire il successo dell'evento. Ma siamo sulla buona strada: il programma dettagliato è pronto e il modulo di iscrizione è online. U Change organizza l'evento in collaborazione le due università ticinesi, l'Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) e la Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana (SUPSI), che ospitano l'evento di quest'anno. Il programma intorno alla domanda «Le università e l’Agenda 2030: che ruolo giocano le sfide sociali, il dialogo con il territorio e l'impegno studentesco?» è variato: dalla presentazione di progetti che combinano arte e imprenditorialità a discussioni su temi come il greenwashing, la prevenzione del razzismo nelle scuole elementari, i dilemmi etici dell'intelligenza artificiale, il ruolo dell'energia solare nel futuro e molti altri.

03.03.22   |   SUD

Sustainable University Day 2022 - 29.04.2022

«Higher education institutions and the Agenda 2030: What role do social challenges, dialogue with the territory and student engagement play?» The programme of the Sustainable University Day 2022, which has now been finalized, invites you to explore this question. The topic will be addressed from different perspectives and in different formats of exchange and discussion: Parallel workshops, networking intervals, project market and artistic performances will take place on both USI and SUPSI campuses in Mendrisio. The programme will focus on a roundtable discussion with actors from  the academic and student world to identify possible partnerships and appropriate fields of intervention and to formulate a call to action.

03.03.22   |   ITD-CH

ITD-CH 2022 | 07.09.2022 | Rapperswil

«Zukunftsbilder entwickeln und reflektieren – Wie kann TD-Forschung helfen, gesellschaftliche Vorstellungs- und Transformationsräume zu erweitern?»

Mitwirkung: Der Austausch über praktische Erfahrungen und das gegenseitige Lernen werden dieses Jahr im Vordergrund stehen. Anhand von Leitfragen beleuchten wir den Umgang mit impliziten und expliziten Zukunftsbildern in transdisziplinären Prozessen. Alle sind eingeladen ein Poster zur eigenen Arbeit auszuarbeiten. Wir informieren bald über das Format. Updates regelmässig hier


03.03.22   |   methods

Constellation Analysis - New method profile and experience report out now!

For those who are in search of a tool that helps to visualize, structure and discuss complex issues: The constellation analysis captures interrelations between social actors, natural elements, technical elements as well as signs/symbols. Many thanks to Martina Schäfer, Gabriele Wehndorf and Susanne Schön for sharing their experiences!

16.02.22   |   MOOC

Successful innovative MOOC on Transdisciplinary research starts again

Partnering for Change: Link Research to Societal Challenges 


The course presents transdisciplinary research as a living experience. With a basis on sound theoretical and methodological background, five outstanding projects illustrate promising different ways of dealing with complex societal challenges. The projects address a) health care for mobile pastoralists, b) water scarcity in the Alps, c) coping with decline in a mountain village, d) labour migration, and e) governance of antimicrobial resistance.Starting from these challenges, the course will take learners on a journey through the main phases and steps of transdisciplinary research projects.

Together with seven universities and institutes of higher education, and the Commission for Research Partnerships with Developing Countries, td-net coordinated and co-produced the first massive open online course (MOOC) on transdisciplinary research.

The course can be made on FutureLearn. The next mentored course is planned for March 14, 2022. The inscription is open on FutureLearn.

11.01.22   |   SCNAT

Landschaft und Transdisziplinarität - neue Präsidien für zwei Foren der SCNAT

Zwei Foren der Akademie der Naturwissenschaften Schweiz stehen unter neuer Präsidentschaft: Ulrike Sturm übernimmt beim Forum Landschaft, Alpen, Pärke (FoLAP) und Christoph Küffer beim Netzwerk für transdisziplinäre Forschung (td-net). Die Foren vernetzen in ihren Themen die Wissenschaft mit der Politik und Akteurinnen und Akteuren der Gesellschaft.

Paysage et transdisciplinarité - nouvelles présidences pour deux forums de la SCNAT

Deux forums de l'Académie suisse des sciences naturelles ont une nouvelle présidence: Ulrike Sturm prend le relais à la tête du Forum Paysage, Alpes, Parcs (FoLAP) et Christoph Küffer auprès du Réseau pour la recherche transdisciplinaire (td-net). Dans leurs domaines thématiques respectifs, les forums promeuvent les échanges entre scientifiques, responsables politiques et autres actrices et acteurs de la société.


U Change - 6 neue Projekte 

Das Leitungsgremium von U Change wählte für die dritte Ausschreibung sechs spannende Studentenprojekte: ein Improvisationstheater-Projekt für Studierende, clowneske Kurzfilme, ein Permakulturgarten-Projekt auf 1400 m.ü.M, ein Projekt zur Verwertung unverkaufter Lebensmittel, partizipative Workshops für und mit Gemeinden des Kantons Waadt und ein Workshop zu nachhaltigen Laborpraktiken. Die nächste Proojektausschreibung von U Change beginnt im Januar und endet am 30. April 2022.

06.12.21   |   Toolbox

Factsheets - linking the td-net web portal with other toolkits

With the new feature 'method factsheets for td research' we link from the td-net web portal directly to method descriptions in other online toolkits. The factsheets contain comments by the editors of the td-net web portal on further aspects to consider when contextualising the methods within td processes. We start with a first set of 5 factsheets, more will continuously be added. Your tipps on favourite tool(kit)s are welcome!

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