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04.05.22   |   Jahresbericht

td-net's Rückblick auf 2021

Der Jahresbericht 2021 ist online. Sehen Sie sich an, welche wesentlichen Tätigkeiten und Meilensteine das td-net in dem vergangenen Jahr erreicht hat.

21.04.22   |   Tour d'Horizon of Literature

Tour d'Horizon of Literature 2021 - Deadline extended

The Deadline for participation to the Tour d'Horizon of Literature 2021 is extended until Monday 2nd May 2022. Experts in inter- and transdisciplinary research are invited to share with us the most important publications of 2021 in the fields of inter- and transdisciplinary research, education and practice. These recommendations will be compiled and published online on our website as "Tour d'Horizon 2021". Your participation would be highly appreciated.

Many thanks to all who have already participated!


New deadline: 2 May 2022

21.03.22   |   Tour d'Horizon of Literature

Tour d'Horizon of Literature 2021 - Your recommondation counts!

It's time for a literary review of the last year - time for the Tour d'Horizon of Literature 2021!

We are happy to invite you to participate in our next Tour d’Horizon of Literature by sharing with us up to three publications of 2021 that you find particularly interesting, innovative and/or enlightening regarding inter- and transdisciplinarity. Your contribution would help us to keep track of the growing literature in the field of inter- and transdisciplinary research, teaching and practice (see td-net publication radar) and to prepare a useful list of publications recommended "by the community for the community“.


Deadline: 22 April 2022

17.03.22   |   U Change

Sustainable University Day 2022: Il programma giornaliero è pronto!

In poco più di un mese dal Sustainable University Day 2022, ci sono ancora molti dettagli da organizzare per per garantire il successo dell'evento. Ma siamo sulla buona strada: il programma dettagliato è pronto e il modulo di iscrizione è online. U Change organizza l'evento in collaborazione le due università ticinesi, l'Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) e la Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana (SUPSI), che ospitano l'evento di quest'anno. Il programma intorno alla domanda «Le università e l’Agenda 2030: che ruolo giocano le sfide sociali, il dialogo con il territorio e l'impegno studentesco?» è variato: dalla presentazione di progetti che combinano arte e imprenditorialità a discussioni su temi come il greenwashing, la prevenzione del razzismo nelle scuole elementari, i dilemmi etici dell'intelligenza artificiale, il ruolo dell'energia solare nel futuro e molti altri.

03.03.22   |   SUD

Sustainable University Day 2022 - 29.04.2022

«Higher education institutions and the Agenda 2030: What role do social challenges, dialogue with the territory and student engagement play?» The programme of the Sustainable University Day 2022, which has now been finalized, invites you to explore this question. The topic will be addressed from different perspectives and in different formats of exchange and discussion: Parallel workshops, networking intervals, project market and artistic performances will take place on both USI and SUPSI campuses in Mendrisio. The programme will focus on a roundtable discussion with actors from  the academic and student world to identify possible partnerships and appropriate fields of intervention and to formulate a call to action.

03.03.22   |   ITD-CH

ITD-CH 2022 | 07.09.2022 | Rapperswil

«Zukunftsbilder entwickeln und reflektieren – Wie kann TD-Forschung helfen, gesellschaftliche Vorstellungs- und Transformationsräume zu erweitern?»

Mitwirkung: Der Austausch über praktische Erfahrungen und das gegenseitige Lernen werden dieses Jahr im Vordergrund stehen. Anhand von Leitfragen beleuchten wir den Umgang mit impliziten und expliziten Zukunftsbildern in transdisziplinären Prozessen. Alle sind eingeladen ein Poster zur eigenen Arbeit auszuarbeiten. Wir informieren bald über das Format. Updates regelmässig hier


03.03.22   |   methods

Constellation Analysis - New method profile and experience report out now!

For those who are in search of a tool that helps to visualize, structure and discuss complex issues: The constellation analysis captures interrelations between social actors, natural elements, technical elements as well as signs/symbols. Many thanks to Martina Schäfer, Gabriele Wehndorf and Susanne Schön for sharing their experiences!

16.02.22   |   MOOC

Successful innovative MOOC on Transdisciplinary research starts again

Partnering for Change: Link Research to Societal Challenges 


The course presents transdisciplinary research as a living experience. With a basis on sound theoretical and methodological background, five outstanding projects illustrate promising different ways of dealing with complex societal challenges. The projects address a) health care for mobile pastoralists, b) water scarcity in the Alps, c) coping with decline in a mountain village, d) labour migration, and e) governance of antimicrobial resistance.Starting from these challenges, the course will take learners on a journey through the main phases and steps of transdisciplinary research projects.

Together with seven universities and institutes of higher education, and the Commission for Research Partnerships with Developing Countries, td-net coordinated and co-produced the first massive open online course (MOOC) on transdisciplinary research.

The course can be made on FutureLearn. The next mentored course is planned for March 14, 2022. The inscription is open on FutureLearn.

11.01.22   |   SCNAT

Landschaft und Transdisziplinarität - neue Präsidien für zwei Foren der SCNAT

Zwei Foren der Akademie der Naturwissenschaften Schweiz stehen unter neuer Präsidentschaft: Ulrike Sturm übernimmt beim Forum Landschaft, Alpen, Pärke (FoLAP) und Christoph Küffer beim Netzwerk für transdisziplinäre Forschung (td-net). Die Foren vernetzen in ihren Themen die Wissenschaft mit der Politik und Akteurinnen und Akteuren der Gesellschaft.

Paysage et transdisciplinarité - nouvelles présidences pour deux forums de la SCNAT

Deux forums de l'Académie suisse des sciences naturelles ont une nouvelle présidence: Ulrike Sturm prend le relais à la tête du Forum Paysage, Alpes, Parcs (FoLAP) et Christoph Küffer auprès du Réseau pour la recherche transdisciplinaire (td-net). Dans leurs domaines thématiques respectifs, les forums promeuvent les échanges entre scientifiques, responsables politiques et autres actrices et acteurs de la société.


U Change - 6 neue Projekte 

Das Leitungsgremium von U Change wählte für die dritte Ausschreibung sechs spannende Studentenprojekte: ein Improvisationstheater-Projekt für Studierende, clowneske Kurzfilme, ein Permakulturgarten-Projekt auf 1400 m.ü.M, ein Projekt zur Verwertung unverkaufter Lebensmittel, partizipative Workshops für und mit Gemeinden des Kantons Waadt und ein Workshop zu nachhaltigen Laborpraktiken. Die nächste Proojektausschreibung von U Change beginnt im Januar und endet am 30. April 2022.

06.12.21   |   Toolbox

Factsheets - linking the td-net web portal with other toolkits

With the new feature 'method factsheets for td research' we link from the td-net web portal directly to method descriptions in other online toolkits. The factsheets contain comments by the editors of the td-net web portal on further aspects to consider when contextualising the methods within td processes. We start with a first set of 5 factsheets, more will continuously be added. Your tipps on favourite tool(kit)s are welcome!

10.08.21   |   Blogpost

Give-and-take matrix for transdisciplinary projects

A great structured method for maximising cohesion across subprojects in transdisciplinary & other research is described by Michael Stauffacher and Sibylle Studer in their blog post. It helps manage expectations, share expertise & resources, and foster collaboration. It is useful in proposal preparation, problem framing, writing reports & more. Step by step guidance for a 3-hour facilitated face-to-face or online workshop is provided.

9.8.2021   |   ITD Alliance

ITD Alliance Website online and Membership open

The website of the Global Alliance for Inter- and Transdisciplinarity is online! Read about the ITD Alliance and what it is for, become a member and join the first general assembly. td-net is one of the initiating institutions and hosts the ITD Alliance secretary.

19.07.21   |   Call

Projektausschreibung U Change

Die dritte Projektausschreibung des Förderprogramms U Change 2021 - 2024 wurde veröffentlicht. Ab sofort und bis spätestens am 31. Oktober können erneut Projektanträge eingereicht werden.


Bis zum Abschluss von U Change 2021 - 2024 sind folgende weitere Ausschreibungen vorgesehen: 

  • Januar - April 2022, alle Kategorien
  • Juli - Oktober 2022, alle Kategorien
  • Januar - April 2023, Kategorien A, B2 und C
  • Juli - Oktober 2023, Kategorien A und C
  • Januar - April 2024, Kategorien A und C

18.6.2021   |   Publication

"Principles for Designing Transdisciplinary Research" - new open access!

Transdisciplinary research projects are highly effective when the problems at hand in the living world become too complex. But how to deal with the challenges that arise when projects cross the boundaries between disciplines? Working tools can be found in the book "Principles for Designing Transdisciplinary Research. A contribution of td-net" by Christian Pohl and Gertrude Hirsch Hadorn. The title is now available free of charge in open access - as is the German-language edition.

5.7.2021   |   Publications

Our Tour d'Horizon of literature is online now!

Again this year, td-net welcomed experts in the field of inter- and transdisciplinarity, education and practice to name key literature from 2020. The new Tour d'Horizon lists publications classified into 5 different categories with short annotations from the contributors. Among the recommended articles you will find literature in English, German, French as well as Portuguese. We are very thankful to the contributors for their interesting inputs.

Feedback on the use and usefulness of this product is very much appreciated - simply email to td-net@scnat.

02.06.21   |   Publications

Publication radar 2020

Transdisciplinary publications continuously on the rise - td-net's publication radar shows that the upward trend is ongoing! Topics related to the environment are most prominent, and also social sciences, education, psychology, engineering and linguistics show up in the top 20 research areas covered by TD publications in 2020.

25.05.2021   |   Tagung

Fachtagung „Transdisziplinarität als institutionelle Herausforderung für Universitäten“ - Anmeldung offen

Am 15. und 16. Juni 2021 wird die ursprünglich für 2020 geplante Fachtagung der TU Berlin und des td-net im online-Format nachgeholt. Das Programm greift Fragen der Institutionalisierung von Transdisziplinarität in Lehre und Forschung sowie den Handungsspielraum von Akteuren wie der Universitätsleitung und Fördermittelgebern auf. Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos. Melden Sie sich noch für die abwechslungsreiche Veranstaltung an.


Reminder: Participate in our "Tour d'Horizon of Literature 2020"!

The deadline to participate in our survey for the "Tour d'Horizon of Literature 2020" is extended to Monday May 24! Take the opportunity to share with us up to three publications of 2020 that you find particularly interesting, innovative and/or enlightening regarding inter- and transdisciplinarity. Your contribution would help us to keep track of the growing literature in the field of inter- and transdisciplinary research, teaching and practice (see td-net publication radar) and to prepare a useful list of publications recommended "by the community for the community“.

27.04.2021   |   Publications

Tour d'Horizon of Literature 2020 - Call for contribution

It's time again for the Tour d'Horizon of Literature! Every year the td-net conducts a survey about the most important publications in the field of inter- and transdisciplinarity, teaching and practice. Experts of inter- and transdisciplinarity are highly invited to recommend the most important publications in this field of research. These recommendations will be compiled and published online on our website as «Tour d'Horizon 2020».

We would be extremely grateful for your participation in this survey until May 17th.

19.04.2021     |     Methods

Methods matter! Making td-methods more citable!

4 method profiles have just been published and provided with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI). The DOI registration simplifies the citation of the methods of our td-net Toolbox, helps to increase their visibility, and points out that the projects and profiles rely on developed and tested procedures. 

26.03.2021     |     Tagung

Fachtagung „Transdisziplinarität als institutionelle Herausforderung für Universitäten“

Am 15. und 16. Juni 2021 wird die ursprünglich für 2020 geplante Fachtagung der TU Berlin und des td-net im online-Format nachgeholt. Das Programm greift Fragen der Institutionalisierung von Transdisziplinarität in Lehre und Forschung sowie den Handungsspielraum von Akteuren wie der Universitätsleitung und Fördermittelgebern auf.  Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos.

18.03.2021   |   Methods

New experience report out now! 

Read how the Theory of Change (ToC) method was applied in a transdisciplinary project aiming at more sustainable supply chains. Who else has experiences to share? Send us your notes.

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