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Wissenschaftliche Assistenz im Projekt «Jurapark Aargau als Reallabor Nachhaltiger Entwicklung» (m/w/d)

ETH Zürich


Der Jurapark Aargau ist einer von 16 Schweizer regionalen Naturparks und von nationaler Bedeutung. Das Projekt «Jurapark Aargau als Reallabor Nachhaltiger Entwicklung» wird vom ETH Bereich im strategischen Schwerpunkt «Engagement und Dialog mit der Gesellschaft» gefördert. Ziel des Projektes ist es, dass lokale Akteure des Juraparks Aargau gemeinsam mit Forschenden des ETH Bereichs (ETH Zürich, WSL, Eawag, Empa) Nachhaltigkeitsprobleme und entsprechende Lösungsideen identifizieren. Das Projekt beginnt im Frühjahr 2023 und dauert 3 Jahre.

Diese Stelle umfasst den Aufbau und die operative Leitung des Reallabors. Sie werden dabei eng mit einem Kollegen an der WSL und mit der Projektleitung (ETHZ, WSL, Jurapark Aargau) zusammenarbeiten. Konkrete Aufgaben sind:

  • Transdisziplinäre Problemstrukturierung um 5-10 Nachhaltigkeitsprobleme zu identifizieren, welche für lokale Akteure des Juraparks relevant sind und zu deren Lösung Forschende des ETH Bereichs beitragen können.
  • Unterstützung beim Aufbau eines Netzwerks aus lokalen Akteuren und Forschenden des ETH-Bereichs sowie bei der Planung und Umsetzung von 5-10 Realexperimenten.
  • Entwicklung von Methoden (a) zur wissenschaftlichen Analyse der (unerwarteten) Wirkungen der Realexperimente und (b) zur Identifikation von Erfolgsfaktoren des Wissensaustausches.
  • Konzeptionelle Entwicklung eines Prototyps für Reallabore in regionalen Naturparks.
  • Bekanntmachung der Erkenntnisse über wissenschaftliche Kanäle (z.B. Fachzeitschriften, Konferenzen) und Kanäle, welche sich an die Praxis und an die interessierte Öffentlichkeit richten (z.B. neue und alte Medien, Anlässe im Jurapark).


Deadline: open until filled


PostDoc position (80-100%, 2 years) on «Inter- and transdisciplinary integration at the interface between science, policy and practice»



The successful candidate must have earned an excellent PhD in integrative studies (sustainability science, social sciences - e.g. sociology, political science -, science and technology studies, environmental sciences) and must have experience in ‘accompanying research’, i.e. inquiring into inter- and transdisciplinary processes taking place at the interface between science, policy and practice. Candidates must have experience in applying different qualitative research methods (e.g. semi-structured interviews, participant observations, focus groups, co-creation workshops), conducting qualitative content analysis of collected data (e.g. inductive and/or deductive coding) and writing scientific peer-reviewed publications. Successful candidates should be intrinsically motivated to contribute to inter- and transdisciplinarity in both theory and practice and are expected to have good integrative skills and high social and emotional intelligence. The Postdoc will be sitting and working with other BGB Postdocs at Eawag. 


Deadline: 20. Februar 2023


Wissenschaftliche*r Mitarbeiter*in im Bereich Nachhaltigkeit und Unternehmenserfolg

Universität Münster


Angeboten wird eine für 3 Jahre befristete Stelle (75 %, Arbeitszeit: 29 Stunden 52 Minuten). Die Lehrverpflichtung beträgt bei Vollzeit 4 SWS.

Ihre Aufgaben:

  • Mit der Stelle ist die Durchführung eines Promotionsvorhabens verbunden.
  • Sie arbeiten an Forschungsprojekten mit und sind in der Lehre tätig.
  • Sie vermitteln Fachwissen an Studierende und bilden Studierende in der Anwendung wissenschaftlicher Methoden aus.
  • Sie übernehmen selbstständig administrative Aufgaben des Instituts und beteiligen sich an der universitären Selbstverwaltung.
  • Sie übernehmen die Organisation von Veranstaltungen des Instituts und des Marketing Center Münster.


Deadline: 31. Januar 2023


Postdoctoral Position in Science, Technology and Society

ETH Zurich


The Ethics, Technology and Society research group in the department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences (D-GESS), led by Prof. Dr. Margarita Boenig-Liptsin, is inviting applications for a Post-doctoral researcher in Science, Technology and Society. The position is initially limited to two years, with a possibility for extension, 100% time. You will start on April 1, 2023, or by arrangement, but no later than July 1, 2023.


Deadline: 6 February 2023


PostDoc position transdisciplinary research in African rangeland-based food systems

German Institute for Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture


To support our international and interdisciplinary research team, we seek a post-doctoral scientist who has realised the importance of knowledge integration and co-creation to achieve sustainable change, and is enthusiastic about participating in such change processes. The future position holder will be in charge of doing own research, and of responsibly co-supervising PhD and MSc students in our current projects dealing with rangeland use and governance in Kenya and Namibia.


Application Deadline: 15 January 2023


Assistant or Associate professor – Design Methods and Transdisciplinary Practices

University of Twente


The scope of design – as a discipline and profession - has been expanding from focusing on individuals to society, and from designing products to (re-)imagining socio-technical systems. This expansion renders design methods and approaches (e.g. human-centred design, participatory design, systemic design, speculative design…etc.) relevant for transdisciplinary practices. Such practices integrate the disciplinary knowledge of academic disciplines and the experiential knowledge of societal stakeholders to create scientific and societal impact. Because of this, they are key to addressing complex societal challenges.

In this position you will set out research lines on how embedding and acceptance of transformations in society can be enhanced through better understanding and affirming the role of design in enabling transdisciplinary collaboration. Aim is to (further) develop and validate approaches for transdisciplinary design, with specific attention to value tensions, power dynamics and ethical consequences.


Deadline: 9 January 2023


Junior Fellowship

Collegium Helveticum

As the joint institute for advanced studies of the University of Zurich, ETH Zurich, and the Zurich University of the Arts, the Collegium Helveticum facilitates research and artistic work across all disciplines. Our fellows are free to pursue their individual projects as outlined in their application and receive support from the Collegium’s team. Projects carried out at the Collegium may convince both by their relevance and originality, from applied science to blue-sky research. With its junior fellowship program, the Collegium Helveticum aims to support outstandingly promising academics and artists at a critical stage of their career.


Application Deadline: 01 March 2023


PHC Danube

Campus France


En complément des six Partenariats Hubert Curien (PHC) bilatéraux franco-autrichien (Amadeus), franco-bulgare (Rila), franco-tchèque (Barrande), franco-serbe (Pavle Savić) et franco-slovaque (Stefanik), le PHC Danube finance conjointement des projets régionaux impliquant 2 à 4 pays de la région du Danube participant ( Autriche, Bulgarie, Monténégro, République tchèque, Serbie, Slovaquie) et la France. Ce programme de coopération scientifique et technologique a pour objectif de favoriser la coopération multilatérale dans la région du Danube. Afin d'encourager la création de réseaux européens de recherche et de contribuer ainsi à la construction de l'Espace européen de la recherche, il facilite la participation des chercheurs à des projets européens.


Date limite de candidature: 16 Janiver 2023


Lead Trainer and Curriculum Developer – Open Source Specialism
Project Manager – POSE Training Program

Center for Scienentific Collaboration and Community Engagement


There are currently two open positions on the CSCCE staff team, both are in the field of modern research development.

As science becomes more complex, multidisciplinary, and spread across multiple locations, the human infrastructure to facilitate connections among researchers and to coordinate the flow of information becomes essential. These roles, collectively termed scientific community engagement managers, make up an emerging and growing specialist field. Community managers are not only found in research institutions – they are also found in professional associations that bring together scientists around shared goals, and in infrastructure organizations where scientists work together to evolve the tools, standards, and practices that shape how modern research is done. This emerging field is being championed by the Center for Scientific Collaboration and Community Engagement (CSCCE).


Strating Date: January 2023


Research Associate with expertise in the area(s) of Social Justice and Applied Data Ethics

Michigan State University


We are looking for a community-engaged scholar-activist with a strong background in data science whose work seeks to advance social justice goals across the advocacy spectrum (including LGBTQIA+, Black, Brown, Asian, Indigenous, and disability justice perspectives and their intersections), or for a data scientist/mixed-methods researcher with strong quant skills who will pursue a research program that supports these goals.


Deadline: Open until filled



PostDoc Position (80-100%, 4 years) at Eawag within the SNSF Sinergia Project TREBRIDGE



Within the ITD (Inter- and Transdisciplinary) research group at Eawag we are looking for a PostDoc (80-100%, 4 years) to ensure science integration within the SNSF Sinergia Project “Transformation toward resilient ecosystems: bridging natural and social sciences (TREBRIDGE)”


Deadline: 8 January 2023


Postdoctoral Associate on Convergence Research

Virginia Tech


The postdoctoral associate will contribute to the study of convergence research processes and outcomes on a National Science Foundation Growing Convergence Research (NSF-GCR) project on inland freshwater salinization. The postdoctoral associate will work on the following research activities.

(1) Designing and implementing strategies and tools to facilitate knowledge integration.
(2) Planning and executing studies to evaluate the effectiveness of various convergence research approaches on team processes and outcomes.
(3) Evaluating the integrative and intellectual qualities of the products generated in this research.
(4) Presenting and publishing cutting-edge research on facilitating and evaluating convergence research.

Deadline: Open until filled


Associate Research Fellow / Research Fellow

International Food Policy Research Institute


The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) seeks a qualified candidate to serve as a(n) Associate Research Fellow (ARF), or Research Fellow (RF) for a two-year, renewable appointment in the Poverty, Health and Nutrition Division (PHND). The selected candidate will contribute to/lead the  development and implementation of the research agenda on capacity sharing activities for the One CGIAR Initiative called Fruits and Vegetables for Sustainable Healthy Diets (FRESH). This Initiative uses an end-to-end approach (consumption, production, food environments) in low-and-middle-income countries to improving intake of fruits and vegetables, reducing poverty, addressing environmental constraints and equity-related issues among others. Effective capacity sharing activities and related research are integral to the  success of this Initiative.  


Deadline: open until filled


Researcher - Collaborative for Emerging Infectious Diseases and Response

Tufts University - Tisch College


Tufts’ Collaborative for Emerging Infectious Diseases and Response (CEIDR) seeks a Researcher to support a transdisciplinary research (TDR) project on an infectious disease, probably monkeypox. In TDR, a team from a range of academic disciplines and community members contribute to the research. The mission of CEIDR is to develop integrative and transdisciplinary research efforts to study emerging pathogens and design equitable responses to improve health and social outcomes and mitigate the negative impacts of infectious diseases. In this instance, Tufts students enrolled in a special course will play a significant role in the TDR project.  


Deadline: open until filled


Program Director - Integrative Activities Section

National Science Foundation


The NSF Office of Integrative Activities (OIA) is seeking applications for an open rotator (IPA) position related to convergence research programs (Science and Technology Centers (STC) and Growing Convergence Research (GCR)). OIA works across disciplinary boundaries to lead and coordinate strategic programs and opportunities that: advance research excellence and innovation; develop human and infrastructure capacity critical to the U.S. science and engineering enterprise; and promote engagement of scientists and engineers at all career stages.

The Program Director will be working with a second, experienced program officer to co-manage the Cross-cutting, Collaborative Research portfolio. The Program Director will contribute to developing new activities and new funding opportunities within this portfolio and to the merit review process for new proposals. They will also provide oversight of existing awards in the portfolio, including organizing or coordinating progress reviews. The programs in this portfolio are conducted collaboratively with teams of program officers from across NSF. The successful applicant will work with counterparts across NSF, as well as with other OIA team members, in developing collaboration and cooperation across the Foundation, supporting partnerships among academic and other research stakeholders, and advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in the research enterprise. This IA Program Director position is an unparalleled opportunity to ensure NSF-funded activities are at the forefront of advancing research and education.


Deadline: open until filled


Teaching and research professorship in Sustainability Management

IMC University of Applied Science Krems - Department of Business


You will be teaching in German and English in your area of expertise in our study programmes (Bachelor and Master) in Krems and abroad. You will be conducting applied research projects and supervise Bachelor and Master theses projects. Working with the team, you will engage the community and will be cultivating contact with regional and international partners to contribute to extending and strengthening the network, and to have an impact on the society.


Deadline: open until filled



Unique Fellowship for Top Female Academic Scientists

TU Delft


The Delft Technology Fellowship offers high-profile, tenure-track positions to outstanding female academic researchers in research themes in which the faculties of Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) want to be strengthened. As a fellow, you will be offered the unique chance to establish your own research programme of international repute, including a generous start-up grant. The fellowships are awarded at Full, Associate or Assistant professor level.


Deadline: 15.01.23

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