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Jobs & fellowships


Postdoctoral researcher in Transdisciplinary Research on Sustainable Development Assessment

ETH Zurich

The Transdisciplinarity Lab (TdLab) at the Department of Environmental Systems Science (D-USYS) offers a rich learning environment. Our research and teaching cross disciplinary boundaries and are organized in close collaboration with colleagues from different disciplinary backgrounds and stakeholders. The Group “Cultural Studies of Science” (CSTS) in which this position is embedded, is a dynamic team investigating methods and theories for inter- and transdisciplinary research. In this job, you will help consolidate the exchange between the research community and Swiss energy stakeholders to improve the usability of models in other ongoing research projects. You will also lead research activities under Work Package “Co-developing new model capacity and scenario” together with international partners. Tasks comprise: 

  • Designing and implementing a transdisciplinary approach to co-produce modelling improvements and project outputs; 
  • Conducting qualitative research, including situational analysis, to study the integration process and synthesise co-produced outputs; 
  • Preparing deliverables and scientific papers and participating in consortium meetings


Open Rank Tenure-Track Faculty Position: Artificial Intelligence, Data, and Public Governance

The Ohio State University

The John Glenn College of Public Affairs at The Ohio State University seeks a scholar and teacher whose interdisciplinary work explores how existing and emerging information technologies can serve or undermine the public interest, and whether or how they should be governed. This position focuses on the use of data in management and policy making, as well as the governance of data and data use. Both public and private sector organizations increasingly use data, data science, AI, and other emerging technologies to inform their operations and decisions. This development can enable greater access, agility, responsiveness, and insight.  But it also poses threats to privacy, fairness, equity, and accountability and can give rise to unintended consequences. Realizing the benefits, and addressing the threats, requires rethinking governance, management, law, and policy. This faculty member, working at the frontier of public interest technology and science/technology policy, will join the Translational Data Analytics Institute (TDAI) and will enhance the Ohio State University’s major investments in information technology, digital trust and cybersecurity, AI/machine learning, and data governance.


Wissenschaftlerin / Wissenschaftler (Master Transformationsstudien, Transformation Design, Sozialwissenschaften, Nachhaltigkeitswissenschaften) (w/m/d)

Max Rubner Institut


Die Forschung zu „Zukunftsfähigem Ernährungsverhalten“ am Institut für Ernährungsverhalten leistet einen Beitrag zur Lösung komplexer ernährungsassoziierter Probleme und zur Transformation von Verhalten und Strukturen hin zu nachhaltigeren Ernährungssystemen. Um diesen Bereich konzeptionell-methodisch weiter auszubauen, bringen Sie Ihre Expertise bezüglich Transformation bzw. Gestaltung von transformationsorientierter Forschung in ein interdisziplinäres Team ein. Sie arbeiten mit Wissenschaftlerinnen aus den Bereichen Transdisziplinarität, Komplexität, nachhaltige Ernährung und Ernährungsverhalten verletzlicher Bevölkerungsgruppen zusammen.


Deadline: 2. September 2022


27 positions in sustainability

University College Cork


The Environmental Research Institute (ERI) has built significant capacity in the area of sustainability and environmental research over the last two decades that will be leveraged within the ambitious recruitment programme of UCC Futures: Sustainability launched in July 2022 with 27 new sustainability academics posts across the schools and disciplines of Science, Engineering, Food, Business and Law. Through UCC Futures, the ERI will build on past success to produce internationally leading environmental and sustainability research that has scientific and societal impact.


Research Associate (m/f/d) with a Focus on Climate Risk Assessment and Adaptation Evaluation

Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich


The research group of the Chair in Human Geography with a Focus on Human-Environment-Relations at the Department of Geography works on risk, adaptation and transformation in the context of environmental hazards, climate change, urbanization and other dimensions of global change. The section develops, tests and applies inter- and transdisciplinary methods for the assessment of future development paths and risk trends as well as for the multi-criteria evaluation of climate change adaptation and trans-formation, particularly in cities and newly urbanizing areas. While pursuing a global perspective, the section’s empirical research is particularly focused on Europe, Asia and Africa. Next to fundamental research, the section is keen to deliver scientific knowledge that is of high practical and policy relevance and provides decision sup-port. The section therefore collaborates closely with decision makers and stakeholders from the local to the global level, e.g. urban administrations, United Nations programs and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).


Deadline: 20 September 2022


PhD position: Innovative financial instruments for sustainable landscapes

University of Groningen


The need for halting biodiversity loss and maintaining and improving other ecosystem services and landscape quality is broadly felt across the world and this motivates the project: Good intentions in nature and landscape conservation by stakeholders are often hindered by the lack of financial resources. During the last decades, nature conservationists and entrepreneurs have initiated experiments with new financial instruments. In several of these, ‘customers’ pay for ecosystem services (i.e. those cultural, regulating or provisioning services not covered by regular markets). However, the most efficient and effective ways for doing so are unclear, especially since information and transaction costs are high. Combining expertise in sustainable finance, ecosystem services, and nature and landscape valuation, this project engages in a series of experiments with landscape securities as a standardized low-transaction-cost form of financial support, held by both businesses and citizens. The project joins forces with the Northern Netherlands National Parks and NWB Bank and other important stakeholders in a co-production of knowledge approach. The experiments are place based and builds among others on the greenmapper software developed by the University of Groningen (


Deadline: 4 September 2022


Wissenschaftliche*r Mitarbeiter*in tdAcademy

Leuphana Universität Lüneburg


Die Stelle ist im Kooperationsprojekt tdAcademy angesiedelt, das die Leuphana gemeinsam mit dem Institut für Sozial-Ökologische Forschung, dem ZTG der TU Berlin sowie dem Öko-Institut durchführt. Die tdAcademy zielt (i) auf die Bündelung und Konsolidierung des Wissensstandes zu zentralen konzeptionellen und methodischen Fragestellungen (Modul A), (ii) die Verbesserung der Zugänglichkeit und Ausgestaltung von Angeboten im Bereich Capacity Building (Modul B) sowie (iii) die Erweiterung und Stabilisierung der TD-Community (Modul C). Im Fokus stehen dabei vier Themenlinien: Das Verständnis und der Aufbau von Potenzialen für gesellschaftliche Wirkungen soll vertieft werden. Die wissenschaftlichen Wirkungen des transdisziplinären Forschungsmodus sollen besser verstanden werden. Ein Umgang mit den Kontextabhängigkeiten transdisziplinären Arbeitens hinsichtlich Übertragbarkeit und kulturellen Unterschieden soll verbessert werden. Die methodische und konzeptionelle Einordnung neuer Formate – auch mit Blick auf handlungsfeldspezifische Anforderungen – sollen vertieft und es sollen methodische Schlussfolgerungen gezogen werden. Über alle Themenlinien hinweg ergibt sich als Querschnittsperspektive die Weiterentwicklung von Qualitätsmerkmalen und Methoden. Die Leuphana trägt zu allen Modulen und Themenlinien bei, wobei sie hauptverantwortlich für Modul B und die Themenlinie „Kontextabhängigkeiten“ ist.


Deadline: 17. August 2022


AkademischeR MitarbeiterIn "Klimaneutralität"

Die Hochschule Reutlingen gestaltet mit dem und für den Konzern Stadt Reutlingen im Reallabor "Klima-RT-LAB" den Weg hin zur Klimaneutralität. In den Handlungsfeldern „Energie“, „Gebäude“, „Mobilität“ und "Organisieren und Handeln" wird der dafür erforderliche Transformationsprozess erforscht und unterstützt. Zu den Aufgaben als akademische Mitarbeiterin oder akademischer Mitarbeiter gehören unter anderem:

  • Erarbeitung von Konzepten und Lösungen z.B. in den Bereichen Finanzierung, Nutzerverhalten 
  • Analyse und Gestaltung des Transformationsprozesses
  • Sichten, Zusammenfassen einschlägiger Literatur und deren kritische Bewertung
  • Erstellen von einschlägigen Berichten, Präsentationen und Kommunikationsmitteln
  • Unterstützung des operativen Projektmanagements


Deadline: 23. August 2022


Post-doc Researching a Convergence Research Team

Appalachian State University


This two year position (located in the Blue Ridge Mountains) is directly funded as part of a 9-university NSF Science and Technology Center called Science and TEchnologies for Phosphorus Sustainability (STEPS). The post-doc will collaborate and receive team guidance from a faculty team with a range of expertise, including Integration and Implementation Sciences (I2S), sociology and law, and education research, with direct access as well to the entire Center's faculty, staff, students and facilities. 


Deadline: open until filled


Program Director - Integrative Activities Section

National Science Foundation


The NSF Office of Integrative Activities (OIA) is seeking applications for an open rotator (IPA) position related to convergence research programs (Science and Technology Centers (STC) and Growing Convergence Research (GCR)). OIA works across disciplinary boundaries to lead and coordinate strategic programs and opportunities that: advance research excellence and innovation; develop human and infrastructure capacity critical to the U.S. science and engineering enterprise; and promote engagement of scientists and engineers at all career stages.

The Program Director will be working with a second, experienced program officer to co-manage the Cross-cutting, Collaborative Research portfolio. The Program Director will contribute to developing new activities and new funding opportunities within this portfolio and to the merit review process for new proposals. They will also provide oversight of existing awards in the portfolio, including organizing or coordinating progress reviews. The programs in this portfolio are conducted collaboratively with teams of program officers from across NSF. The successful applicant will work with counterparts across NSF, as well as with other OIA team members, in developing collaboration and cooperation across the Foundation, supporting partnerships among academic and other research stakeholders, and advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in the research enterprise. This IA Program Director position is an unparalleled opportunity to ensure NSF-funded activities are at the forefront of advancing research and education.


Deadline: open until filled


Chair on “Major Societal Changes”: Impacts and ethical dimensions of environmental transition and/or artificial intelligence

Sorbonne University - Paris IAS


In partnership with Sorbonne University, the Paris Institute for Advanced Study is offering one 10-month fellowship or two 5-months fellowships for high-level international researchers in the social sciences and humanities during the academic year 2023–24 (from September 1st 2023 to June 30th 2024).

The Sorbonne University – Paris IAS Chair gives a researcher the possibility to work on an innovative project advancing knowledge on the societal impacts and ethical dimensions of major, global changes, more specifically:

  • the environmental transition;
  • digitalization and the development and diffusion of algorithms and artificial intelligence.

The laureate.s will benefit from the outstanding work conditions and the scientific environment of the Paris IAS, and will collaborate in priority with Sorbonne University’s research teams and Interdisciplinary Institutes.


Deadline: 4 October 2022


Senior lecturer in Biology with a specialisation in Landscape Ecology

Karlstads Universitet


The Biology discipline offers the degrees of Bachelor, Master, or Master of Science in Secondary Education in Biology and Science. The discipline’s primary research areas are ecology and biology didactics. 

The River Ecology and Management Research Group (RivEM) conducts fundamental and applied research on lakes and watercourses, as well as their surrounding areas. RivEM is an integral part of biology research and is primarily focused on sustainable use of natural resources, in order to solve environmental problems in ways that are mutually beneficial to human society and nature. Many research projects are carried out in collaboration with stakeholders from industry, government agencies, professional organisations and land owners.

We are now accepting applications for a senior lectureship in Biology with a specialisation in Landscape Ecology, preferably focused on plants and vegetation, within a field that complements the research conducted within RivEM at Karlstad University.


Deadline: 28 August 2022


Senior Lecturer/Researcher für Resilient Energy Systems

Fachhochschule Technikum Wien


Zu den Aufgaben als Senior Lecturer/ Researcher für Resilient Energy Systems gehören:

  • Wissenschaftliche Tätigkeiten in einem jungen, interdisziplinären Forschungsteam im Themenbereich sozial-und umweltwissenschaftlicher Aspekte aktueller Entwicklungen auf dem Gebiet der Erneuerbaren Energien und der Energiewende
  • Lehrtätigkeit sowie Betreuung wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten
  • Publikation von Forschungsergebnissen
  • Teilnahme an wissenschaftlichen Konferenzen
  • Fallweise administrative Tätigkeiten


Deadline: solang die Stelle frei ist, ehestmöglich


Teaching and research professorship in Sustainability Management

IMC University of Applied Science Krems - Department of Business


You will be teaching in German and English in your area of expertise in our study programmes (Bachelor and Master) in Krems and abroad. You will be conducting applied research projects and supervise Bachelor and Master theses projects. Working with the team, you will engage the community and will be cultivating contact with regional and international partners to contribute to extending and strengthening the network, and to have an impact on the society.


Deadline: open until filled


Associate Research Fellow/Research Fellow

International Food Policy Research Institute


The (Associate) Research Fellow will conduct research aligned with the Markets, Trade, and Institutions’ research portfolio, with a focus on gender roles in agriculture, value chains interventions, and engaging the private sector that works within agricultural value chains or alongside them. The research that the (Associate) Research Fellow would conduct will occur primarily from an empirical, microeconometric perspective. The goal of the portfolio is to accelerate the adoption and impacts of innovations that can help improve gender equity, farmer and midstream food system actor incomes, nutrition, and climate outcomes. The researcher will help design primary data source collection, undertake impact evaluations and assess marketability of mentioned innovations to inform the design of programs and policies for scaling, as well as to inform cost-benefit analysis for future investment prioritization.


Deadline: open until filled

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