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Jobs & fellowships


Scientist in Terrestrial Restoration and Conservation

Charles Darwin Foundation


One of the current research projects conducted by the Charles Darwin Foundation for Galapagos Islands (CDF), is Galapagos Verde 2050 (GV2050). This is a long-term adaptive management-based initiative dedicated to terrestrial restoration and sustainability of agriculture. In doing so, we a) promote ecological restoration of degraded areas and conservation of endangered plant species by utilizing water-saving technologies, and b) promote sustainable agricultural practices among local farmers. Both components leverage the usage of large-scale experimental designs that evaluate water-saving technologies as novel tools that increase the efficient usage of water in arid climates such as the Galapagos. These two components address the effects of habitat degradation, invasive species, and climate change and promote sustainable livelihoods in Galapagos.


Deadline: 25 May 2022


Researcher positions in Ocean and Coastal law and governance



Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) is experiencing increased interest in our expertise in sustainable management of oceans and coastal waters. We are engaged in many projects in which we study regulations and management of our oceans and coasts, and the activities that affect them. Our research address societal challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution and competition for space and resources between new and traditional users and opportunities eg. provided by marine resources. We study the functionality of existing legal and management instruments with a preference for integrated approaches and engage with stakeholders in suggesting improvements. We work nationally and internationally, from local to global levels of governance. In addition to typical research projects, we also advise the public and private sectors on capacity building, business development and innovation matters.


Deadline: 29 May 2022


Post-doctoral researcher: Effects of misperceptions on climate actions

University of Groningen


The Environmental Psychology group at the University of Groningen invites applications for a temporal post-doctoral researcher position (36 months). The project “Effects of misperceptions on climate actions” aims to investigate the extent to which different actors in society hold misperceptions of other actors (e.g., their willingness to engage in climate actions), and the antecedents and consequences of these misperceptions.


Climate change is one of the most serious threats the world is facing today. To effectively mitigate climate change, coordinated actions are needed from various actors across different sectors. There is likely to be considerable uncertainty and debate around who should be taking action, what kind of actions should be taken, and are being taken by different actors. Many actors may have inaccurate beliefs about what other people and groups believe and do (i.e., misperceptions), which could be acting as a barrier to climate actions. In this project, we will explore misperceptions of the values, beliefs, intentions and actions of other people that are held by different groups in Dutch society.


Deadline: 15 June 2022


Research Associate with a Focus on Future Risk Trends, Urbanization Modelling and Damage Assessment in Cities (m/f/x)

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München


The research project LIRLAP (Linking Disaster Risk Governance and Land-Use Planning: The case of informal settlements in the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam) aims to develop, test and apply knowledge-based solutions for the upgrading and, if necessary, resettlement of highly vulnerable, informal settlements in cities with high disaster risk. Metro-Manila will serve as a pilot for the development and testing of approaches and their mainstreaming into concrete planning processes as well as into regulations and practices of disaster management at all political levels.


Deadline: 7 June 2022



Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt


Sichere und nachhaltige Lösungen für die aktuelle und zukünftige Mobilität stehen im Fokus der Forschung des CARISSMA Institute of Electric, COnnected and Secure Mobility (C-ECOS). Um diese Herausforderung anzugehen, arbeitet C-ECOS mit einem interdisziplinären Team aus der Elektrotechnik, Informatik, Maschinenbau und Chemie zusammen mit nationalen und internationalen Partnern aus der Industrie und der Wissenschaft an innovativen Konzepten.


Deadline: 13. Juni 2022


Hilfsassistenz (30%)



td-net der Akademien der Wissenschaften Schweiz sucht per 1.07.2022 oder nach Vereinbarung eine Hilfsassistenz (30%) mit der Möglichkeit einer flexiblen Arbeitszeitgestaltung. Die Aufgaben bestehen aus:

  • Unterstützung der Projektleitungen (td-net und U Change)¨
  • Unterhalt und Weiterentwicklung Websites
  • Schreiben und redigieren von kurzen Texten, z.B. für Newsletter
  • Pflege der Adressdatenbanken und der Projektdatenbank
  • Eventorganisation / Unterstützung bei AnIässen
  • Unterstützung der Geschäftsstellen generell
  • Anwendung von Standardsoftware

Sprachkenntnisse: DE/FR Muttersprache oder mind. C2, gute Englischkenntnisse von Vorteil (B2).


Informationen bei oder bei


Social science postdoc for co-development of biodiversity enhancing strategies within organic farming

Aarhus University


The Department of Ecoscience is seeking applicants to develop multi-actor engagement activities and lead co-development of management and innovation strategies for sustainable agriculture and natural resource management. The successful candidate will also be expected to work together with simulation modelers developing models of human decision making related to agricultural systems and wildlife management.


Deadline: 19 May 2022


Postdoctoral Researcher on Policy Coherence, Agricultural Development and Sustainable Peace in Sub-Saharan Africa

Radboud University


Are you a motivated researcher and would you like to investigate how policy coherence evolves and affects the realisation of Sustainable Development Goals? And does conducting research on sub-Saharan Africa, an area that represents a diversity of SDG-challenges, sound exciting to you? Then you have a part to play as a postdoc for the research project 'Synergizing Sustainability'.

The postdoctoral research project explores donor discourses and practices of policy-making in the EU and its member states, and among multilateral organizations, exploring how the interaction of a multiplicity of stakeholders affects policy coherence and incoherence in agricultural development policies of EU member states vis-à-vis Sub-Saharan Africa.


Deadline: 22 May 2022


PhD Candidate: Synergizing Sustainability

Radboud University


Are you an aspiring researcher and would you like to investigate how policy coherence evolves and affects the realisation of Sustainable Development Goals? And does conducting research in sub-Saharan Africa, an area that represents a diversity of SDG-challenges, sound exciting to you? Then you have a part to play as a PhD Candidate for the research project 'Synergizing Sustainability'. 

The PhD project studies discourses and practices of policy-making around agricultural development by donors, government, civil society and agri-business in Burkina Faso and Ethiopia (with Uganda as an alternative). Both countries represent a diversity of SDG-related challenges at the interface of food insecurity, resource depletion and climate change; and in legitimate governance, societal stability and justice. In these cases, collaboration between state, market and civil-society actors around agricultural development is difficult. The project aims to unpack discourses on policy coherence and sustainability in these countries; analyse processes of renegotiation and reinterpretation of policy (objectives) by multi-level stakeholders; and explore how more inclusive policy-making impacts coherence as well as policy legitimacy and sustainable peace.


Deadline: 22 May 2022


Post-Doc Public Conversations about Science in Times of Crisis

Vrije Universiteit


Are you committed to challenges at the crossroads of science and society? Are you eager to understand and improve the role of scientists, science communication and public engagement in public conversations about science in times of crisis? Are you curious about the potential of art and design to trigger reflective inquiry and dialogue around complex societal issues? Then join us at the Athena Institute of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU).


Deadline: 19 May 2022


Tenure Track Position for a Scientist and Future Working Group Leader on "Demand-Driven Innovations in the Agri-Food System"

Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research


This Classic Tenure Track Call invites applications with an ambition to lead an internationally recognized research group on agri-food system analysis and transformation. Research covers actor driven spatial processes at regional level. A particular focus is on demand trends that integrate management and markets considering environmental, civic and cultural perspectives. Transformative system innovations are investigated using a variety of integrated methods drawing from natural, socio-ecological and economic sciences.


Deadline: 13 June 2022


Artistic senior lecturere in Urban Design

Lund University


The master's program Sustainable Urban Design was founded in 2007 and is today an internationally reputable education in sustainable urban planning. At the heart of education is the relationship between urban design and sustainable urban development. The students work in different scales, from detail to region, and the teaching is conducted in the form of design projects with support in theoretical courses, lectures and seminars. Duties are amongst others teaching, supervision of projects, and collaboration with business and society in connection with teaching.


Deadline: 26 May 2022


Associate Provost for Outreach and Engagement

Michigan State University (MSU)


MSU seeks to fill the senior-level administrative position of Associate Provost for Outreach and Engagement (APOE). The APOE is a leader/advocate who will serve as a facilitator and connector of University partners with one another and with external partners interested and involved in outreach and engagement work. This leadership role will help to extend the University’s work as a founding land grant institution. The APOE encourages and supports those efforts within the University by:

  • supporting and advancing outreach and engagement work that is inclusive of all fields and disciplines, communities, and social identities,
  • facilitating partnerships and dialogue for outreach and engagement with external partners throughout the University,
  • implementing innovative approaches that involve students in outreach and engagement to increase community partner impact and enhance the student experience
  • and much more


Deadline: 15 May 2022


Associate Research Fellow/Research Fellow

International Food Policy Research Institute


The selected candidate will conduct research under the IFPRI-led new One CGIAR initiative “Sustainable Healthy Diets through Food Systems Transformation” (SHiFT). This position will include supporting the overall coordination of the initiative across its multiple international, regional, and local partners in a range of countries in Africa, South/South-East Asia, and Latin America. The candidate will also work with the team on shaping the research agenda under this program and conducting and publishing research on consumer demand for sustainable healthy diets, the relative role of food environments and of individual, household, and community factors in driving dietary choices, and on testing and evaluating promising policy actions at consumer and/or food environment levels to improve the quality and sustainability of diets in low- and middle-income (LMIC) countries. The candidate will also contribute to fund-raising activities, dissemination of findings, and engagement in target countries to stimulate the uptake of research findings and evidence-based policy making. The candidate will also work on other related research projects, as needed. The position reports to the Director of the Poverty, Health and Nutrition Division.


Deadline: open until filled


Associate Research Fellow/Research Fellow

International Food Policy Research Institute


The (Associate) Research Fellow will conduct research aligned with the Markets, Trade, and Institutions’ research portfolio, with a focus on gender roles in agriculture, value chains interventions, and engaging the private sector that works within agricultural value chains or alongside them. The research that the (Associate) Research Fellow would conduct will occur primarily from an empirical, microeconometric perspective. The goal of the portfolio is to accelerate the adoption and impacts of innovations that can help improve gender equity, farmer and midstream food system actor incomes, nutrition, and climate outcomes. The researcher will help design primary data source collection, undertake impact evaluations and assess marketability of mentioned innovations to inform the design of programs and policies for scaling, as well as to inform cost-benefit analysis for future investment prioritization.


Deadline: open until filled


Post-doctoral researchers

Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft


The LBG Open Innovation in Science Center is a leading international hub for investigating and experimenting with Open Innovation in Science, understood as a process of purposively enabling, initiating and implementing inbound, outbound or coupled knowledge flows and (inter/transdisciplinary) collaborations along one or more stages of the scientific research process.


The post-doc researcher is primarily responsible for contributing to a research program on antecedents, processes, outcomes, and boundary conditions of applying open and collaborative scientific research practices. 


Deadline: 30 June 2022


Multidisciplinary Studies at WVU teaching position

West Virginia University


WVU is looking for a Teaching Assistant Professor in the Programs for Multi-and Interdisciplinary Studies. The position is a 9-month, full-time, non-tenure track position with full benefits and opportunity for promotion. The assignment is four courses each semester, or equivalent. Teaching Assistant Professor appointments have renewable terms of up to three years, with no limit on the number of terms.


The Teaching Assistant Professor will have the opportunity to design and teach courses at the upper-level. This position requires teaching traditional and online courses across a range of disciplines, advising and mentoring undergraduates, experiential education, service-learning, and knowledge of evaluating student portfolios. Teaching and advising during the summer may be expected, with additional compensation.


The position requires a terminal degree (e.g., PhD, EdD, MFA) and undergraduate and/or graduate degrees in at least two disciplinary backgrounds. MDS has strengths in English, literature, and creative writing. Candidates with some background in the social sciences, natural or physical sciences, or a humanities field are strongly encouraged to apply. The position also requires knowledge in Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Studies; demonstrated ability for excellent university-level teaching; ability to develop, implement, and assess innovative academic advising initiatives; excellent oral and written communication skills; and excellent interpersonal skills.


Deadline: open until filled


Two Ph.D. positions at the Dynamic and Distributed Information Systems Group 

University of Zurich


The Dynamic and Distributed Information Systems Group at the University of Zurich is looking for motivated applicants who are interested in investigating large-scale participation in democratic processes. The two Ph.D. students will work in the context of a new SNSF interdisciplinary project that will address the topics of democratic issue identification, deliberation, and democratic proposal co-creation. The Ph.D. students will investigate hybrid human-machine systems that cultivate, coordinate, and support participants using coordination technology and artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of real-world democratic processes. The two Ph.D. students will work in close collaboration with other Ph.D. students from the disciplines of computer science, political science, and law.  In the tradition of the research group to explore both the technical and the behavioral dimension of computer science, the group is seeking interested Ph.D. students to investigate the traditional computer science approach, as well as human behavior, specifically in the realm of computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW).


Deadline: open until filled

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