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Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter:in TVH-13, 100 %, befristet bis zum 31.05.2023 für den Bereich Kriterienentwicklung, Evaluation und Erprobung im Projekt SynSICRIS

Univesität Kassel


Das Projekt SynSICRIS möchte dazu beitragen, die Wirkungsorientierung in Förder- und Forschungsprozessen zu stärken. Dafür wird ein Monitoring-Tool und ein Kriterienset entwickelt und erprobt, mit dem die Beiträge von öffentlich geförderten Forschungsprojekten zu gesellschaftlichen Wirkungen erfasst und – ergänzend zum wissenschaftlichen Impact – bewertet werden können. 

Wir möchten möglichst zeitnah eine neue Kollegin oder einen neuen Kollegen in unserem Team willkommen heißen. Wir garantieren eine gute Einarbeitung, ermöglichen mobiles Arbeiten und möchten trotz befristeter Projektlaufzeit eine längerfristige Perspektive bieten.

Die Stellenanzeige wird in den nächsten Tagen veröffentlicht. Bitte melden Sie sich direkt bei, dann senden wir Ihnen den Link zur Stellenanzeige zu, sobald er vorliegt.


Convergence Research Postdoctoral Scholar

Appalachian State University


We seek a highly motivated and collaborative researcher to contribute to research on convergence and research pedagogy in practice, as applied to the wicked problem of global phosphorus (P) sustainability. 

The Convergence Research Postdoctoral Scholar position will help the STEPS Integration Team develop, employ and evaluate team science and transdisciplinary methods designed to foster convergence, filling a gap in knowledge that connects theory and applied methods to observations of efficacy and impact in real knowledge-producing teams.

The RIEEE STEPS CR Postdoctoral Scholar will contribute to research in the theory, methods, and evaluation of applied team science and transdisciplinary integration, such as: 1) team development and engagement with Convergence Boundary Objects (e.g. shared language, infographics, data), 2) individual engagement with key convergence-relevant Habits of Mind (epistemic humility, interdependence, and co-production of knowledge) 3) deployment of the Convergence Toolkit, a STEPS-wide set of resources that enable the uptake and adoption of integration and implementation science methodologies.


Deadline: 20 July 2022


Senior lecturer in Biology with a specialisation in Landscape Ecology

Karlstads Universitet


The Biology discipline offers the degrees of Bachelor, Master, or Master of Science in Secondary Education in Biology and Science. The discipline’s primary research areas are ecology and biology didactics. 

The River Ecology and Management Research Group (RivEM) conducts fundamental and applied research on lakes and watercourses, as well as their surrounding areas. RivEM is an integral part of biology research and is primarily focused on sustainable use of natural resources, in order to solve environmental problems in ways that are mutually beneficial to human society and nature. Many research projects are carried out in collaboration with stakeholders from industry, government agencies, professional organisations and land owners.

We are now accepting applications for a senior lectureship in Biology with a specialisation in Landscape Ecology, preferably focused on plants and vegetation, within a field that complements the research conducted within RivEM at Karlstad University.


Deadline: 28 August 2022


Investigadores posdoctorales: Transdisciplina y Educación Superior/Innovación Transformativa

Universidad de Talca


El Instituto Interdisciplinario para la innovación de la Universidad de Talca-Chile ha lanzado una convocatoria para la contratación de investigadores posdoctorales en transdisciplina y educación superior Innovación Transformativa. Las funciones que desempeñaría serían la realización de actividades de investigación en las temáticas de innovación transformativa y transdisciplina en las universidades, así como también actividades de docencia en las áreas de sus competencias de acuerdo con los lineamientos del Instituto de Interdisciplinario para la Innovación.


Deadline: 30 Junio 2022



Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Today’s grand challenges ask for a skillfull integration of widely diverse types of knowledge. This presents both practical and epistemological intricacies. As a postdoctoral researcher, you will address these by comparatively studying citizen-driven initiatives on the food-energy interface both on a local level and on a national and supra-national level. The combination of local, translocal and (inter)national efforts at transdisciplinary knowledge production along the food value chain offers a unique opportunity to study interactions and co-learning between academically trained scientists and citizen scientists / stakeholders.


Deadline: 4 July 2022



Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


You are expected to contribute to the department’s research and teaching on climate and energy governance, as well as administrative tasks to support the department and the institute. We increasingly premier team-based science and novel collaborations and you are encouraged to collaborate with researchers and societal partners within and outside the IVM.
You will also be expected to develop a research line in the field of climate and energy governance, demonstrated by inter alia papers published in high-quality academic journals, acquiring research funding from external sources, and liaising with stakeholders outside academia. The position also involves teaching and coordinating courses in the department’s teaching portfolio.


Deadline: 30 June 2022



Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Europe’s urban areas face significant challenges to ensure the availability and consumption of healthy, affordable, safe and sustainably produced food. Current dietary patterns and the wider organization of the food system are associated with significant environmental challenges with negative effects on ecosystems and greenhouse gas emissions. FOODCLIC, a large project funded by the European Commission will create strong science-policy-practice interfaces across eight European city-regions. The backbone of such interfaces will be provided by Food Policy Networks, which will organise Living Labs to build a policy relevant evidence base through learning-in-action in real-life interventions. Capacity-building and direct support for intensive multi-stakeholder engagement will enable policy actors and urban planners across partner city-regions to develop continuously evolving integrated urban food policies and render planning frameworks food-sensitive.

As a PhD student, you will participate in cross-country activities of the FOODCLIC project: methodology development and capacity building to support the activities of the Food Policy Networks and the Living Labs. To assess progress and outcomes of project activities in the city-regions, you will be involved in the development and implementation of a reflexive monitoring and evaluation framework. Your research approach will be transdisciplinary (action research).


Deadline: 30 June 2022


Postdoctoral Researcher on Sustainable Change for Inclusive Gender Equality

Radboud University


As a postdoctoral researcher, you will work in the key area of sustaining and deepening change for inclusive gender equality in the research and innovation ecosystem. This means a focus on issues such as involving multiple stakeholders in the co-creation of change, dealing with resistance, changes in top management unsympathetic to inclusive gender equality, and integration of change in work processes and broader strategic agendas. You will be tasked with a review of the state-of-the-art scientific knowledge and knowledge from previous gender equality projects on sustainable change to build the evidence base on GEP design, implementation and results. You will be involved in the development of an analytical template to map existing knowledge and define the knowledge gaps on the design and implementation of gender equality plans, which will frame subsequent research activities of the Centre of Excellence. You will conduct comparative case studies to identify the configuration of factors leading to success or failure of gender equality plans. You will be involved in community engagement and support services to translate research results into actionable tools for practitioners. You will be part of the international and transdisciplinary INSPIRE team and its wide network.


Deadline: 30 June 2022


PhD position Inclusive food transitions: a transdisciplinary collaboration with habitants of Amsterdam Southeast

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


You will study possibilities for food system transformation to reduce health inequalities in the Netherlands. This PhD focusses on food system transformation from the perspective of this group of people, a group that is underrepresented in both research and policy-making.
You will collaborate in (research on) existing initiatives in Amsterdam Southeast to render healthy and sustainable food affordable and accessible to people who are dependent on foodbanks (that often provide unhealthy food). These initiatives shorten food chains, thereby bringing food production and consumption more closely together. This includes, amongst others, setting up community gardens supplying fresh produce to foodbanks and public canteens, culturally-sensitive courses in healthy, sustainable and affordable cooking, or collaborations with nearby farms and food producers.


Deadline: 30 June 2022


ProjektleiterIn Landschaft 60-70%

Forum Landschaft, Alpen, Pärke (FoLAp)


Das FoLAP befasst sich mit dem Themenbereich Landschafts-, Alpen- und Parkforschung. Gemeinsam mit der Akademie der Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften fördert es den inter- und transdisziplinären Austausch und den Dialog zwischen Wissenschaft, Praxis und Politik. Zu den Aufgaben als ProjektleiterIn gehören:

  • Entwicklung und Umsetzung von Projekten zur Stärkung der Forschung im Themenbereich Landschaft und Sensibilisierung für Landschaftsanliegen auf nationaler und internationaler Ebene 
  • Verantwortlich für die Weiterentwicklung des Themenbereichs Landschaft im Kontext der nachhaltigen Raumentwicklung 
  • Operative Führung der Trägerschaft Landschaftskongress und Vertretung des FoLAP im Organisationskomitee des Landschaftskongresses
  • Verfassen von Stellungnahmen, Erarbeiten von Factsheets, Mitarbeit an Reviews und weiteren Produkten. Eigenständige Planung und Durchführung von Tagungen und Veranstaltungen
  • Vertretung des FoLAP in nationalen und internationalen Fach- und Projektgremien 
  • Zusammenarbeit im Team der FoLAP Fachstelle und Unterstützung der FoLAP-Leitung in thematisch übergreifenden Aktivitäten


Deadline: 10.7.22


Senior Lecturer/Researcher für Resilient Energy Systems

Fachhochschule Technikum Wien


Zu den Aufgaben als Senior Lecturer/ Researcher für Resilient Energy Systems gehören:

  • Wissenschaftliche Tätigkeiten in einem jungen, interdisziplinären Forschungsteam im Themenbereich sozial-und umweltwissenschaftlicher Aspekte aktueller Entwicklungen auf dem Gebiet der Erneuerbaren Energien und der Energiewende
  • Lehrtätigkeit sowie Betreuung wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten
  • Publikation von Forschungsergebnissen
  • Teilnahme an wissenschaftlichen Konferenzen
  • Fallweise administrative Tätigkeiten


Deadline: solang die Stelle frei ist, ehestmöglich


Professorship in Sustainability Studies

University of Basel


The candidate will lead the University of Basel's Sustainability Research Group within the Department of Social Sciences. Ideal candidates pursue groundbreaking research rooted in the social sciences, and have experience in interdisciplinary collaboration with economics and natural science as well as in project-based collaboration with societal actors. We are looking for scholars with an adequate track record in high-ranked international journals, solid experience in empirical research, general command of social theory, and expertise in the theoretical and normative issues pertaining to questions of sustainability.

Deadline: 30 June 2022


Teaching and research professorship in Sustainability Management

IMC University of Applied Science Krems - Department of Business


You will be teaching in German and English in your area of expertise in our study programmes (Bachelor and Master) in Krems and abroad. You will be conducting applied research projects and supervise Bachelor and Master theses projects. Working with the team, you will engage the community and will be cultivating contact with regional and international partners to contribute to extending and strengthening the network, and to have an impact on the society.


Deadline: open until filled


Associate Research Fellow/Research Fellow

International Food Policy Research Institute


The selected candidate will conduct research under the IFPRI-led new One CGIAR initiative “Sustainable Healthy Diets through Food Systems Transformation” (SHiFT). This position will include supporting the overall coordination of the initiative across its multiple international, regional, and local partners in a range of countries in Africa, South/South-East Asia, and Latin America. The candidate will also work with the team on shaping the research agenda under this program and conducting and publishing research on consumer demand for sustainable healthy diets, the relative role of food environments and of individual, household, and community factors in driving dietary choices, and on testing and evaluating promising policy actions at consumer and/or food environment levels to improve the quality and sustainability of diets in low- and middle-income (LMIC) countries. The candidate will also contribute to fund-raising activities, dissemination of findings, and engagement in target countries to stimulate the uptake of research findings and evidence-based policy making. The candidate will also work on other related research projects, as needed. The position reports to the Director of the Poverty, Health and Nutrition Division.


Deadline: open until filled


Associate Research Fellow/Research Fellow

International Food Policy Research Institute


The (Associate) Research Fellow will conduct research aligned with the Markets, Trade, and Institutions’ research portfolio, with a focus on gender roles in agriculture, value chains interventions, and engaging the private sector that works within agricultural value chains or alongside them. The research that the (Associate) Research Fellow would conduct will occur primarily from an empirical, microeconometric perspective. The goal of the portfolio is to accelerate the adoption and impacts of innovations that can help improve gender equity, farmer and midstream food system actor incomes, nutrition, and climate outcomes. The researcher will help design primary data source collection, undertake impact evaluations and assess marketability of mentioned innovations to inform the design of programs and policies for scaling, as well as to inform cost-benefit analysis for future investment prioritization.


Deadline: open until filled


Post-doctoral researchers

Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft


The LBG Open Innovation in Science Center is a leading international hub for investigating and experimenting with Open Innovation in Science, understood as a process of purposively enabling, initiating and implementing inbound, outbound or coupled knowledge flows and (inter/transdisciplinary) collaborations along one or more stages of the scientific research process.


The post-doc researcher is primarily responsible for contributing to a research program on antecedents, processes, outcomes, and boundary conditions of applying open and collaborative scientific research practices. 


Deadline: 30 June 2022


Multidisciplinary Studies at WVU teaching position

West Virginia University


WVU is looking for a Teaching Assistant Professor in the Programs for Multi-and Interdisciplinary Studies. The position is a 9-month, full-time, non-tenure track position with full benefits and opportunity for promotion. The assignment is four courses each semester, or equivalent. Teaching Assistant Professor appointments have renewable terms of up to three years, with no limit on the number of terms.


The Teaching Assistant Professor will have the opportunity to design and teach courses at the upper-level. This position requires teaching traditional and online courses across a range of disciplines, advising and mentoring undergraduates, experiential education, service-learning, and knowledge of evaluating student portfolios. Teaching and advising during the summer may be expected, with additional compensation.


The position requires a terminal degree (e.g., PhD, EdD, MFA) and undergraduate and/or graduate degrees in at least two disciplinary backgrounds. MDS has strengths in English, literature, and creative writing. Candidates with some background in the social sciences, natural or physical sciences, or a humanities field are strongly encouraged to apply. The position also requires knowledge in Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Studies; demonstrated ability for excellent university-level teaching; ability to develop, implement, and assess innovative academic advising initiatives; excellent oral and written communication skills; and excellent interpersonal skills.


Deadline: open until filled


Two Ph.D. positions at the Dynamic and Distributed Information Systems Group 

University of Zurich


The Dynamic and Distributed Information Systems Group at the University of Zurich is looking for motivated applicants who are interested in investigating large-scale participation in democratic processes. The two Ph.D. students will work in the context of a new SNSF interdisciplinary project that will address the topics of democratic issue identification, deliberation, and democratic proposal co-creation. The Ph.D. students will investigate hybrid human-machine systems that cultivate, coordinate, and support participants using coordination technology and artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of real-world democratic processes. The two Ph.D. students will work in close collaboration with other Ph.D. students from the disciplines of computer science, political science, and law.  In the tradition of the research group to explore both the technical and the behavioral dimension of computer science, the group is seeking interested Ph.D. students to investigate the traditional computer science approach, as well as human behavior, specifically in the realm of computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW).


Deadline: open until filled

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