International Transdisciplinarity Conference 2019


10-13 September 2019, Gothenburg, Sweden

Pre- and Side Events

The Art of Facilitating - Co-production in Transdisciplinary Research Projects

Gothenburg Network of Facilitators promoting co-creation and co-production (Go!Create) hereby offers a day of exploring tools, methods and methodical reflection upon facilitating TD research projects. The GoCreate network is hosted by Mistra Urban Futures.
You will be given the possibility to participate, learn, exercise and reflect upon facilitation of co-creation/co-production processes, addressing challenges that the group brings to the table.

Date: Monday 9:th of September 2019
Time: 8:30-16:30

Information and registration
Registration fee: SEK 500


Urban Forum - Practice meets Academia

An invitation to reflective practitioners, practice-oriented researchers, and design critics to present and discuss collaborative experiences, case studies and practices from a variety of backgrounds, in view of developing sustainable cities and communities (built or drawn work, speculative or actual, contemporary or historical).

Practitioners of architecture, urbanism, landscape architecture, urban studies and the construction industry are invited to display their building projects (realised or not) and research endeavours (practice-based or -oriented) in an exhibition. Sessions dedicated to each project allow the authors to discuss burning questions, critical aspects, inspiring findings they wish to bring to light and get feedback on, in a collegial atmosphere.


Opening: Wednesday 11 September 2019 17.30-18-30h

Floor talk session 1 Thursday 12 Sept 2019 15.50h-17.30h

Floor talk session 2 Friday 13 Sept 2019 8.40h-10.20h​

Free access

Detailed Programme Urban Forum (PDF)

More Information

Urban Forum | Practice meets Academia is a collaborative initiative by Prof. Lisa Diedrich, SLU Urban Futures (, and Assoc. Prof. Per-Johan Dahl, Urban Arena at Lund University(, with the purpose of increasing the interaction between practice and academia.

ITD Alliance: exploring capacity building formats for inter- and trans-disciplinary research
Friday, September 13, 13:45-17:45,
University of Gothenburg School of Global Studies
Konstepidemins väg 2B, 413 14 Göteborg
Room C417

Workshop organisers on behalf the ITD-Alliance: Ulli Vilsmaier, Methodology Center, Leuphana University of LüneburgJulie Thopson Klein, Wayne State University; Tobias Buser, Network for Transdisciplinary Research td-net

The goal of ITD Alliance is to link networks, associations, institutions, and individuals with shared interest in inter- and trans-disciplinary theory, methods, and interventions for addressing complex societal challenges and questions. ITD Alliance increases visibility and coalesces work currently dispersed across continents. It catalyses greater collaboration focused on societal problem solving and understanding of complex issues.

ITD Alliance aims at building a platform for interactive capacity building in inter- and trans-disciplinary theory, methods, and practice for different target groups. Multiple networks, associations, institutions, and individuals have already established a large number of capacity building formats with high diversity of content, methodology, and duration, including short term workshops on selected methods, summer schools, or research development workshops. The platform allows for communicating these opportunities to larger audience and for finding appropriate formats for specific requirements and target groups. ITD Alliance further supports exchange among trainers and augment their numbers by establishing train-the-trainer workshops and mutual learning spaces. These goals have particular relevance when implementing capacity building in different cultural settings. ITD Alliance also sees its role as identifying further topics for capacity building so aims at developing related opportunities.

This workshop aims to gather representatives of networks, associations, and institutions, as well as individuals in order to add to the platform and to identify different contents, methodologies, durations, financial structures, trainers, and target groups. In the first phase of establishing the platform we target ‘in vivo’ formats, i.e. opportunities that are implemented physically. Expanding towards online formats further requires evaluating existing platforms in order to create synergies and complementarities.

We invite participants in the ITD Conference 2019 to register for this session. In preparing for it, we will gather data concerning capacity building formats for presentation if meeting the following criteria for inclusion in the session. During the session, in-depth explorations and mutual exchange will allow for elaborating commonalities and differences with regards to target groups and types of formats. The ultimate goal of the session is to gather a structured overview and to identify gaps in existing opportunities. As a follow up, capacity building formats will also appear on the web-page of ITD Alliance.

Structure of the session:
- Introduction to the session and short presentation of all capacity building formats
- According to number of presented formats, group work divided according to target groups (e.g., research consortia, PhD students, CSOs, mixed audience) and types of formats
- Identification of gaps of capacity building forums and strategies
- Identification of trainers and possible future trainers
- Elaboration of exchange and train-the-trainer formats
-  Identification of requirements to add offers to the ITD Alliance platform
- Clarification of organizational procedures, communication venues and protocols, and decision making
-  Plan for further gatherings and closing

Preparation of the session:
For those who would like to present their capacity building formats related to inter- and trans-disciplinarity we kindly request the following information and brief responses to the following questions:

1. What is the title of your capacity building format?
2. Do you implement it on a regular basis? If so, please indicate the sequence of implementation.
3. Where is your capacity building format located according to the following categories (one or several categories)?
- Introduction to interdisciplinarity, transdisciplinarity, or both.
- Training in methods (theoretical/practical)
- Case-based capacity building in practise
- Format: workshop, summer school, professional training, consultancy
- Other (please specify)
4. What is the content? Please provide a brief description.
5. Who is your target group?
6. How many trainers are involved?

Please provide the information no later than September 6, 2019 emailed to esther.notexisting@nodomain.commeyer@leuphana.notexisting@nodomain.comde The basis of selection will be provision of the requested information and fit for the scope of the ITD Alliance. We will use the information to structure the session. For presentations, please also prepare 3-5 slides presenting your capacity building format(s) and join us 15 minutes before the session to upload your presentation.

pdf workshop description

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