Swiss Inter- and Transdisciplinarity Day 2016

How to develop a successful inter- and transdisciplinary proposal – Bringing together researchers' and funders' perspectives

November 7, 2016, University of Lucerne


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The presentations used during the Conference are now available below. Please click on the different speakers' names to download them.

9:15 Welcome note
by academic director Wolfgang Schatz, University of Lucerne and
td-net president Jakob Zinsstag
9:30 Framing inter- and transdisciplinary research projects: Importance and challenges
Christian Pohl (ETH Zurich)
9:55 The potential of funding the framing phase of inter- and transdisciplinary research projects: Examples and experiences from the "Sustainable Development at Universities Programme"
Klaus Mathis (University of Lucerne): Right to water and sustainable water management
Flurina Schneider (University of Bern): Increasing the effectiveness of transdisciplinary research for sustainable development
Basil Bornemann, Marius Chirsten (University of Basel): Sustainable governance in Swiss cantons – making sense of principles and practices
Gabriela Wuelser (td-net): Reflecting on the benefits of extra funding for preparing research proposals

11:45 Research funders’ approaches to foster inter- and transdisciplinary research
Sylvia Jeney (Swiss National Science Foundation SNF/FSN/SNFS)
Christoph Bossart (Mercator Foundation Switzerland)
12:30 LUNCH

13:30 Poster Session
14:00 The international context of research funding for inter- and transdisciplinary projects
Roderick Lawrence (University of Geneva)
14:30 Approaches to framing inter- and transdisciplinary research from different backgrounds
Anouk N’Guyen, Philipp E. Hirsch, Irene Adrian-Kalchhauser, Patricia Burkhardt-Holm, (University of Basel, University of Edmonton, Canada): Improving invasive species management by integrating priorities and contributions of scientists and decision makers
Silvia Tobias (Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL): What nobody talks about... ...Framing case study research on landscape development in periurban regions
Karin Grasenic, Magdalena Kleinberger-Pierer, Renate Handler (convelop, Graz, Austria): Within or beyond boundaries? Insights and experiences with project framing
Ayuko Sedooka, Theres Paulsen, Frédéric Darbellay (University of Geneva and td-net): Voices of Swiss researchers and practitioners in the field of inter- and transdisciplinarity
16:00 Plenary workshop: What kind of support is needed to successfully develop inter- and transdisciplinary research proposals?
facilitated by Tobias Buser (td-net)
Results of the workshop
17:00 APERO
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