Kultursommer 2019 in Fratres
> 25. Mai - 7. September 2019, Waldkirchen/Thaya, Österreich

 Die Kulturbrücke Fratres an der tschechisch-österreichischen Grenze veranstaltet auch im Sommer 2019 wieder fünf Themenabende, bei welchen jeweils ein aktuelles Thema durch thematische Diskussions- und Vortragsveranstaltungen zum Fokus gemacht wird. An jedem Thementag ist die inhaltliche Auseinandersetzung mit dem Tagesthema in ein dazu passend gewähltes kulturelles Rahmenprogramm mit Ausstellung und einem Konzert sowie manchmal weiteren künstlerischen Beiträgen eingebettet.

Sommerprogramm 2019

September 2019


31st International Conference on Cancer Research and therapy (ICCRT)
> 9-10 September 2019, Zurich, Switzerland

Herrenhausen Symposium – Positioning the Humanities in the 2020s
> 10-12 September 2019, Herrenhausen Palace, Hanover, Germany

Since the new millennium the humanities in the Anglo-Saxon world as well as the Geistes- and Kulturwissenschaften in Europe have been exposed to manifold constraints and threats, but there also have been new opportunities. At the international Herrenhausen Symposium, organized by the Volkswagen Foundation and the German U15 Universities, experts from renowned academic institutions in Europe and abroad will exchange their views and ideas on the future role of the humanities.

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Oktober 2019


Interdisciplinarity Revisited
> 3-4 October 2019, Humboldt Forum, Berlin, Germany

Different concepts of interdisciplinarity and the potential of interdisciplinary research for higher education will be discussed by international experts.

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Sustainability: Transdisciplinary Theory, Practice, and Action
> 16-18 October 2019, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Our world is at the tipping point. We have undermined the conditions for sustainable existence, with no choice but to pull ourselves from the brink. Sustainability is the core challenge of our era. No academic discipline, corporation, country, first nation, government, or organization can achieve sustainability alone. We all have a role to play in the path towards sustainability.

Deadline for abstract submission: 25 May 2019
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Transformations 2019 – Learning from transformative action and thinking
> 16-18 October 2019, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile

Transformations 2019 aims to provide a platform for reciprocal learning between less and more developed contexts, and between researchers and practitioners, in order to enhance both practice and theory to support transformative changes for addressing climate change and other contemporary societal and environmental challenges.

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Association for Interdisciplinary Studies Conference 2019
> 24-26 October 2019, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The annual AIS conference will be hosted for the first time in Europe, by the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS) at the University of Amsterdam (UvA), The Netherlands. The theme of the conference will be ‘Interdisciplinarity in Global Contexts’. Since a defining feature of interdisciplinarity is not to abstract or isolate problems but rather to approach them in their real-world contexts, this conference theme asks participants to consider the global and local contexts of interdisciplinary education and research.

Deadline for proposals: 1 April 2019
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AAAI Conference on Human Computation and Crowdsourcing (HCOMP 2019)
> 28-30 October 2019, Skamania Lodge, near Portland, USA

HCOMP is the premier venue for disseminating the latest research findings on human computation and crowdsourcing. While artificial intelligence (AI) and human-computer interaction (HCI) represent traditional mainstays of the conference, HCOMP believes strongly in inviting, fostering, and promoting broad, interdisciplinary research. The field is particularly unique in the diversity of disciplines it draws upon and contributes to, ranging from human-centered qualitative studies and HCI design, to computer science and artificial intelligence, to economics and the social sciences, all the way to digital humanities, policy, and ethics. We promote the exchange of advances in human computation and crowdsourcing not only among researchers, but also engineers and practitioners, to encourage dialogue across disciplines and communities of practice.

Deadline for abstract submission: 3 June 2019
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November 2019


TRIALOG conference 2019 “Whose knowledge counts? The meaning of co-productive processes for urban development and urban research”
> 7-9 November 2019, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Deadline for abstract submission extended to 26 May 2019
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Januar 2020


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