Methods for coproducing knowledge

Inter- and transdisciplinary research requires methods that support experts of different disciplines and of other societal sectors to jointly produce knowledge.

td-net’s toolbox for co-producing knowledge

The td-net developed together with the USYS TdLab (ETH Zurich) a toolbox for the co-production of knowledge. The various tools offered have all been successfully used and tested in different teaching and research environments by the td-net or the TdLab. They are simple and straightforward and thus can be applied in any research or teaching project. Both the td-net and the TdLab offer conceptual guidance for the application of these tools (Capacity Building).

In the new project phase 2019-2021, the td-net extends the td-net Toolbox to an entry portal into the international world of methods for co-production processes with the help of the scientific community: Methods matter – Get involved!


The project is supported by the Mercator Foundation Switzerland.

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